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How to import wholesale goods by ordering them directly from the factory or through sellers
The Alibaba application can be downloaded on Android - iOS depending on the type of device you use, even a computer, you can visit the Alibaba website through it, and the Alibaba website is one of the largest platforms for importing wholesale goods by ordering them from the factory directly or through wholesale sellers, as well as providing a sub-store for it to sell in installments called AliExpress

What is Alibaba?

The Alibaba website is a large store similar to Amazon and eBay or the inheritance, but Alibaba allows you to buy wholesale goods and ship them from China to any second country, Alibaba has several branches in other countries and also has workers in many countries to review goods to secure the passage of products This is what made the platform famous and the number of its customers is large in all countries around the world.

What are the legal ways to import Alibaba products

We all know that when you want to buy a commodity from China or any other country, first, you must ensure the credibility of the site by searching for the site and making an investigation and review to make sure the important things and to know how to order goods correctly and successfully if you want to do e-commerce or on In fact, all these small and big things must be known to avoid acquiring goods that do not meet the required specifications from the Alibaba website

So here we stop to explain the most important details of how to import wholesale from the Chinese Alibaba website

The first important step that the Alibaba platform puts in is to obtain an amount of money from the factory or seller who places his goods to promote it. This amount of money remains at the Alibaba site to ensure safe dealing, in addition to an annual subscription of a large amount of money. The platform imposes these important things to become a wholesaler on Alibaba To put an end to untrue and guaranteed transactions, the platform also gives promotions to sellers according to their ranks in the market, for example, the seller or factory that has the membership of the best seller is not like the seller who has a membership of a lower level, for example, we say copper, silver or gold membership.

How to buy and order items from Alibaba

The first step to ordering a wholesale item is to first inspect the seller’s membership and get to know Alibaba WW at its own level. The evaluations were reviewed by looking at the number of stars he gained through customers and the testimony of the comments section and written opinions, are they positive or negative, the seniority of the seller has been identified and should not The number of stars he obtained is less than four, secondly, a preview of the product images and accurate details. After that, the manufacturer or the seller was contacted to inquire about the product and send pictures as an example to the seller with an inquiry about the product price, shipping price, quantity, weight, colors and sizes, and request a discount in If the order is large, that means in short, describe your request accurately to the supplier through the Contact Supplier section. You can also request a sample that will be sent to you before the purchase process.

What are the secure payment methods on Alibaba?

Alibaba provides you with many payment methods, but to ensure the transaction, I advise you to pay via Paypal bank or pay via the AliPay platform through a MasterCard or Visa Card. These two methods are the most secure of the other available methods, even if there are some simple costs that are okay, only Important note: Do not pay money outside the Alibaba website or through Western Union or send through the bank account because any transaction outside the website Alibaba is not responsible for it. You can only do that if you have previously dealt with a factory or seller in this way, but such matters come later When you get to know a reliable and guaranteed supplier, but if you are the first time you hear about Alibaba wholesale market, I advise you to work in safe ways.
How is the payment and shipping process after understanding with Alibaba Supplier

After reviewing the exact details of the item, the payment process comes to implement the order. Start Order. At this stage, the bank card must be linked with the Alibaba website to complete the payment process. When doing this step, an order will be reviewed through Alibaba and a small amount will appear to you with the amount of the item. Mark the option Because it is good, Alibaba puts that option to keep your payment pending, and the factory or seller cannot get the money until the goods arrive in your country, then you can untie the money to reach the Supplier. As for the payment via Paypal, it is also great because the PayPal bank gives you the possibility to return money in a time that does not exceed Thirty-four days, which is the period that Paypal sets to return the money in the event that the required commodity is not reached. The messages that you communicated with the provider are also based as evidence to prove the type of request and whether the process was successful. Alibaba workers are present in all countries to process shipments and complaints, so it has become among the best platforms for Wholesale import in form and content.

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