FlexOffers Review 2021: Affiliate Network Pros, Cons & Reviews



In the year 2008, FlexOffers.com was established... But, to be honest, we don't know much else about them.
In an industry where team photographs and mission statements are plentiful, they appear to be camera shy.

Regardless, FlexOffers has worked hard to position itself as a major player in the affiliate marketing industry.
After all, they're up against Commission Junction, Rakuten Linkshare, and Amazon, to name a few.
So, given that they arrived at the party 8–10 years later than the rest of us, how did they fare?

Getting Started
Before we get started, I have a small confession to make: I made a mistake when setting up my FlexOffers account.
I chose ‘Advertiser' instead of ‘Publisher' for some strange reason.
The FlexOffers customer service team then emailed me and asked, “Umm...did you make a mistake?”
This is the type of answer I enjoy seeing from an affiliate network - lighthearted but effective in resolving the issue. Unlike the affiliate marketing network with which I've been attempting to authenticate my site for the past four months.
Anyway, how do you go about becoming a FlexOffers affiliate publisher?
The following is a four-step procedure:
#1 Verify your email address and create a password for your account by following these steps:

#2 After that, you must login to complete the account registration process, which requires you to provide some basic personal and business information:

#3 Now you must inform them where you want to place your affiliate banners and links, or in other words, what your traffic sources are.
It's noteworthy to note that they have distinct perspectives on social media and website traffic; this could indicate some internal processes.

You should also check if you're a coupon site, a comparison site, or if you employ pop-ups in your affiliate marketing campaigns.

#4 Last but not least, you must validate your phone number and the ownership of the website you indicated in your application:

That's all there is to it; now all you have to do is sit back and wait for their approval or rejection. To be fair, it appears that FlexOffers reviews and approves even new sites with minimal substance. They did for the new-ish affiliate site I used, at least.
Their support FAQs also include instructions on how to verify your free Wix, WordPress, or Blogger site, which is unusual these days.
So, while the FlexOffers enrollment process is a little lengthy, it's manageable. Finally, you can earn money by referring other affiliates to the FlexOffers network through FlexOffers' FlexRev-$hare program.
People who sign up "under" you become sub-affiliates, which means you get a percentage of every sale they refer.
As a result, you effectively become a FlexOffers affiliate when you register your account.

Which brands do you have the ability to promote?
Flex Offers appears to be the type of network that would struggle to acquire big names at first appearance (and this is just a first impressions thing).

However, they do, including Nike, Lenovo, Bloomingdales, Priceline, Barnes & Noble, Skechers, and tens of thousands more.
They represent 12,000 advertisers of different sizes in total, but their portfolio rivals pretty much any affiliate network I've come across.

However, they admit that only 500 of their advertisers could be considered "premium," which is still a significant number compared to rival networks that have been around for decades.

So, credit where credit is due: FlexOffers did an outstanding job bringing these sponsors on board.

The Ease of Using
And it's at this time that certain affiliate networks fly to new heights...
Others, like a meth-addled bird, plummet to Earth.
1. Home
2. Advertisers
3. Reports
4. Links
5. Data Feeds
6. Account
6. FlexRev-$hare
7. News
8. Support

For begin, I despise FlexOffers' color scheme, which consists of a dark blue banner with a black banner beneath it and white icons stacked on top.
Because you have several things piled on top of each other, I find it really difficult to focus on it for lengthy periods of time.
There are two different navigation menus.
With the exception of ClickBank, this is my least favorite affiliate network dashboard.
Here's where you may receive your basic 'Network Stats':

Then there's a small mountain of thumbnails for marketers, which is exhausting.
Perhaps it's just my OCD, but I have to scroll over it rapidly or else it annoys me.
To summarize, when it comes to UX and the affiliate dashboard, FlexOffers does a decent job.

Affiliate Programs to Join
FlexOffers has so far been a mixed bag of large advantages and some clear drawbacks.

Let's look at what it's like to look for affiliate programs now.

FlexOffers has a sponsor network of almost 12,000 people.
Although this is a large amount, as we previously stated, most affiliates are only interested in a few hundred of these large companies.
By clicking on 'Search Advertisers,' we can begin browsing for affiliate programs.
You can then do a search using the following criteria:
Advertiser-specific keywords

The FlexOffers affiliate interface resembles a spruced-up version of Commission Junction's.

You may also look for advertisers using the following criteria:

Categories \sCountries
Data Feeds Payout Types
One of the more intriguing possibilities is Payout Type, since you can locate affiliate programs that pay per sale, activity, lead, click, and install.

Additionally, you may filter FlexOffers advertisers by their EPC, which is quite useful for separating the wheat from the chaff:

Simply click on 'Apply Now' once you've selected the programs you want to join.

However, you must apply to each program separately, and the approval or denial of your application takes about 2–3 days.

How to Make Affiliate Links
So, how does FlexOffers go about creating affiliate links?

You may find this under the ‘Links' section of the main navigation menu, or by going to ‘Advertisers' -> ‘Search Advertisers' and then using the ‘Status – Approved' filter.

Then simply select ‘Get Links' from the drop-down menu:

The displayed creatives can then be filtered not only by whether they're a text link, banner, or widget, but also by their EPC.

If you've read any of my earlier blog postings on affiliate networks (which you should, because I'm really entertaining...and humble), you'll know that omitting EPCs is one of my pet peeves.
You can also look for deep connections and widgets by browsing through your joined advertisers.
However, I discovered that there were few advertisers who gave deep links, and none of my approved advertisers provided ad widgets.
This might be a technical issue or a major omission...
I'm not sure which is which.
Then simply select ‘View Link' to see the complete HTML code:

You won't have to rely on third-party services because FlexOffers offers a link shortening service:

Overall, I enjoy the FlexOffers UI because it's simple, modern, and gets the job done with no effort.
However, they lack complex link-building capabilities seen on other networks, such as a bookmarklet, for example.
Obtaining Payment
Let's take a look at how and when FlexOffers pays its affiliates.
Timeline for Payment
You'll be paid Net 60 as a FlexOffers affiliate.
Any commissions you earn in March will be paid in June, with the majority of payments occurring in the first week of the month. However, there is some ambiguity as to when FlexOffers pays their affiliates. Net 7 is mentioned on the homepage, although it's unclear whether this refers to a payment deadline or a payment solutions provider.
FlexOffers also offer ‘Advanced Payments' to select affiliates, which arrive much sooner than the Net 60 date, but you must pay a tiny network fee (supposedly roughly 6% of your due profits) on top of that.

For the time being, just assume that all affiliate payments are Net 60 because you must meet their advance payment requirements.

Methods of Payment
It's wonderful for affiliates to have the option of selecting the payment method that best suits them, and FlexOffers offers a lot of...flexibility in this regard.

You have the option of receiving your commission payment in one of the following ways:
Transfer of funds via bank
Transfer of data via wire
Check \sPayPal
Alternatively, you can request that FlexOffers suspend your payment until you reach a specified balance or until a specific time and date.
Payment Stipulation
Before you may receive payment from FlexOffers, you must earn at least US$25, although there are expenses associated with this:
Checks – $3 for a bank transfer – $1 for an international transfer – $5 for a cash deposit
A FlexOffers affiliate must also reach a US$1,000 threshold before receiving money through Wire Transfer.

Help from the Publisher
The FlexOffers knowledge base is poor, to put it mildly, because it's barely there.
That was the case until they updated it while I was writing this review, at least.
Isn't that typical?
The prior customer support system consisted of a handful of FAQs and a ticketing system that felt haphazard.
If that was what they considered appropriate support for a FlexOffers affiliate, it didn't exactly inspire trust in the network.
However, they've recently updated to Zendesk, which allows you to search for answers rather than having to open a ticket. It wasn't that the ticketing system was inefficient; it just felt like they were attempting to keep publishers at bay.
FlexOffers additionally provides an email address and a phone number for direct communication.

They don't say how long it will take to get a response, although most emails are supposedly replied within 24 hours.

FlexOffers Customer Reviews
So I went online to see if there were any unfavorable comments or blogs regarding FlexOffers:
Here's what I discovered:

Affpaying.com is the source for this information.
This is a significant complaint: high-earning affiliate accounts are effectively shut down to prevent payment.

BestCompany.com is the source for this information.
The following batch of complaints deals with some of the same issues, such as withholding affiliate commissions and a negative impression of FlexOffers' customer service and ticketing mechanisms.

DigitalPoint is the source for this information.
Even if the amounts are minor, there has been increased feedback about affiliate payments going missing or being substantially delayed.

When confronted with posts like this, it's usually a good idea to ask yourself some questions.

“Why would FlexOffers defraud you of $100 if it may cost them $100,000 in reputational damage?” is the first question that comes to mind for me.

That isn't to imply that FlexOffers, or any other affiliate network for that matter, is immune to payment problems or omissions.

Security Requirements
FlexOffers stands apart since they need you to use two-factor authentication as part of the login procedure.

This entails having a code given to your phone at the start of each day to log in.

While this irritates me at times, it also adds a level of protection to my account that I don't have on any other affiliate network.

As a result, I kind of hope other affiliate networks followed suit, especially given how regular data breaches have become.

However, if you lose access to your phone number, TFA (Two Factor Authentication) becomes a problem.

URL for the FlexOffers summary: FlexOffers
The year the company was founded was 2008.
The number of merchants is estimated to be at 12,000 or more.
Types of offers: per-action, per-sale, per-lead, and per-install
So, here are some categories of people who are sluggish. Our FlexOffers review in a nutshell:
There are literally tens of thousands of ads from which to pick.
It's one of the few mainstream networks that accepts credit cards.
I'm now a fan of two-factor authentication as standard.
The sign-up process is simple, and new affiliates are welcomed with open arms.
There are a plethora of payment alternatives available.
The user interface has been simplified...
The Flex-Rev$hare scheme, for the most part, pays you for sales produced by sub-affiliates.
Their UI's color design irritates my eyes – fewer blues, please!
There aren't any advanced link-building tools available.
Customer service choices are mediocre at best.
So that brings us to the end of our Flexoffers study.

This is an affiliate network with a lot to offer, particularly in terms of the sheer amount of advertisers.

They've nailed several aspects of being an affiliate network (advertisers, link tools, etc. ), but their customer service tools have only lately been upgraded.

Overall, there's plenty of space for improvement.

Because, like desiring to increase your personal income, development is a natural aspect of life.

If that seems like something you'd be interested in, we'd be happy to offer you a space in our free 2-hour training session. 
You'll discover how to get started in affiliate marketing and how to create your first affiliate website.

You have nothing to lose...

There's a lot to gain, as well as a lot to lose.

So just let us know where you'd like your invitation sent, and we'll do the rest.

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