Explain SEO how to lead search results to promote the affiliate link


 How to issue Google search results and others to promote products with the most important conditions for making a post or topic explaining a specific product and obtaining important results for working in the field of commission marketing and earning good amounts according to your effort and experience in marketing and profit from the Internet through several methods divided into several parts A task that every person working on the Internet should know.

Explanation of Semrush and how to identify competitors to create an exclusive article with amazing and successful SEO standards to promote digital products, dropshipping, print on demand or commission marketing for the world's largest famous sites such as Printful, Fiverr, Impact, Redbubble, etc., and get commission rates From 5% to 70%, and achieving daily or monthly passive income by creating required content, issuing search results, and relying on some basics such as working on HTML and how to deal with programming, design, montage and blogging, all of these things flow into Marketing

(1) What is SEO and how to work on it to lead search results and appear on the first search pages.

SEO is an acronym for a three-word phrase Search Engine Optimization

To work well, it must first choose the required content. You must write exclusive, non-transferable articles that consist of more words than your competitor. For example, if your competitor’s word count is 3000, you must outperform it by placing 4000. The post must be arranged by all standards with the work of branching titles and work Introduction, presentation and conclusion of the topic with attaching high quality images without copyright and explanation in detail with the inclusion of appropriate keywords with the article, numbers and symbols. Redirect links or the so-called backlinks must be included. These links are divided into two categories, internal and external, and It must be centered within the topic in order to be recognized on search engines such as Google, Bing, and several other engines that we mentioned the well-known ones. If you benefit through the sites on Back Links and also contribute to the formation of Back Links for these sites, which makes your blog progress and make the sites progress, but the content rich in usefulness and information is the most important

(2) What are the most important sources through which visitors can be collected and what are the most important social media sites that can be promoted to lower my Alexa ranking. Despite the creation of an exclusive blog and the selection of the required content, the method of targeting the audience remains the most important thing at all, so the content must be satiated with all the minute and important details, avoiding violations and the right direction to win the audience. All of these things must be available in the marketer so that several skills such as design and Programming and Marketing When you collect some marketer's basics, you can easily upload your product on any platform after building a page or your channel on YouTube or Facebook and so on to reach and target the right audience to make funded ads by using the most important tool to easily identify your competitors and work on a good SEO with the required specifications To top Google search results, etc.

(3) What? The most important social networks for building pages to refer traffic to my website.

Everyone starts from scratch, which is the starting point. Patience is the most important thing to achieve passive income. Since you are a beginner, you must create a page on Facebook, on Instagram, and a channel on YouTube to make publications and videos that include successful SEO and required keywords. The images of the pages must be designed and work done. Good video montage to attract and attract the largest number of people interested in your content

(4) What are paid ads and what are the best companies to work with to get good results and reach several countries at a cheap click price and target audience to raise articles in search engines and improve site ranking on Alexa.

Bing Ads is one of the best-known platforms for creating a sponsored advertisement and getting a large number of visits. It provides you with several privileges to make a sponsored advertisement, including giving customers discount coupons to not lose your balance if you are a beginner.

(5) What are the traffic resources and the most important simple sections that result in great conversions.

Working on CPM and CPC, you are working on the most important sources that lead to CPA or CPS process, which is the important thing in the field of passive income affiliate marketing.

CPM means paying for a thousand views, a YouTube company that works with this system Cost Per Mille, where by watching the video, you can get CPC, which is the transaction made by the visitor and will lead him to click on our blog link to go to the topic and it is called Cost Per Click through all these details We have directed the customer to our last move, which is to place him in a CPA offer so that the company pays you when the customer makes a specific movement such as registering or downloading a program or application, and these operations fall under Cost Per Action.

CPS is different from its predecessor because you are not paid by the commission marketing company unless you get customers who will buy means paying for commission or the so-called Cost Per Sale.

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