Adsterra Review: How to Earn from Ads?


Adsterra is an ad network that can be very useful for both publishers and advertisers. Today, I'm going to look at it from the publisher's perspective, but keep in mind that a lot of what I say will apply to both sides of the coin. After all, advertisers gain value from a good network of publishers, and publishers get value from effective advertising.

Adsterra was previously mentioned in parts such as this list of ad networks with no minimum traffic requirements and this ranking of ad networks by cost per conversion. These are two nice places to go if you want to read a quick summary of the network.

Adsterra . wallpaper

If you'd like to learn more about Adsterra, sign up for either side of the platform, or simply follow what I'm discussing, you can head over to their website here.

Adsterra was founded in Scotland in 2013 and has since expanded overseas. Every month, they deliver tens of billions of impressions through geo-targeted ads. They have more than 8000 publishers in their network distributed all over the world, and they are growing every year.

Publishers can be compensated in a number of ways through the network, including CPA, CPC, and CPV. This is useful because it allows you to target visitors with specific types of ads depending on their typical traffic and usage patterns. CPC or CPA ads can be significantly more effective if you have a highly engaged audience that clicks on links and ads regularly. You can still monetize your audience with CPM ads if they are bigger but less engaging.

They offer a range of ad formats in different sizes.

Many consumers seem to enjoy their pop-up ads because they are less invasive, and their network requires a certain degree of quality, so the ads are likely to be more valuable than spam. I also urge you to try push notification ads, interstitial ads and video ads. Video ads have a high level of engagement, push notification ads can be very effective for certain audience groups, and interstitial ads are very noticeable.

Since it is the first and main view of the network, it is highly recommended to use Adsterra pop-up ads. It's what they excel at best, what they specialize in, and what they spend the most time improving.

You can run two types of accounts on Adsterra. You can choose the managed platform, where an expert account manager will manage your ads so that you get the most out of them. This is mostly true on the advertising side of the board; Publishers often don't need help and won't want to hand off site editing control to someone who isn't affiliated with their company.

At the same time, Adsterra runs a self-service site where advertisers can browse and buy ads directly, taking care of everything themselves. This connects to the same network and offers the same features as a managed platform; However, it lacks experienced managers who can handle difficult problems and use their networked knowledge directly.

One thing I won't be able to do for you is predict your ad rates. Adsterra prices are determined by the niche, quality and location of your site, as well as the type of traffic you generate and the advertisers who are interested in your sites.

So what about those terms? Here's what Adsterra has to offer:

To employ popups, publishers must have at least 5,000 monthly impressions.

To use display banners, publishers must have at least 50,000 monthly impressions.

Publishers are not allowed to post explicit or illegal content. Of course, referring fake or fraudulent traffic or an exchange will result in your account being suspended and your domain and/or personal information blacklisted for not using their network. I'm not sure how hard it would be to appeal this ban, but I imagine it is.

Advantages of Adsterra

There is a lot to like about Adsterra. It is a nice and stable network that has worked hard to reduce the number of low quality ads and publishers that have plagued many other networks. As a result, it is a great solution for people who match their criteria.

Adsterra's main strength lies in its focus on pop-up ads. Use it as a secondary ad network, in my opinion. They may have a variety of ad styles, but their popup technology has gotten the most attention, and that's what most marketers are looking for. It's almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy: they have a reputation for one form of advertising, so people who sign up are looking for that type of advertising, and their other services are pushed to the side.

So, my recommendation is to use Adsterra for popups and other niche ad networks for the rest of your ad types. Using two networks, each having a better specialization, than using a single network that poorly implements each format. Not that Adsterra does anything half-certain; It is excellent in every respect. It's really up to you to figure out which layouts are right for your site.

Adsterra account managers are the company's second most valuable asset. Advertisers can use the self-service platform or hire an account manager, and publishers get a personal manager. Because of their experience in the network and everything related to it, when an account manager participates, the quality of ad installation improves.

Adsterra advertises with 100% fill rate and competitive CPM. I'm not sure if they can pledge 100 percent fill or if the data they used to back it up has been picked up, but their fill rates are great anyway. If their FAQ is accurate, they claim a 100% fill rate for all ad formats, which is quite impressive.

Security is also a priority for the network. Since background popups have a reputation for being spam, Adsterra aims to distance itself from that polluted background. They provide a high level of protection and filtering to ensure that all harmful, malicious ads and malware are blocked before they appear on your site. For added security, they have an internal and third party fraud detection system.

If a terrible ad slips through the loopholes, or if there's an ad you don't want displayed on your site - like a competitor - you can contact your personal manager to disable that ad or advertiser. As long as you don't abuse the feature, they are somewhat responsive to such requests.

Adsterra's geo-targeting is great for advertisers, and the publisher side is a big part of that. You can choose to show different ads for different parts of your traffic depending on your geo-targeting data as a publisher. You do not have to declare that you are primarily resident in one country, and you can cater to people from all over the world.

Adsterra also offers a range of payment options. Electronic payments, WebMoney, wire transfers, Paxum, and PayPal are all options for receiving money. They have also started accepting Bitcoin payments for those of you who are interested in cryptocurrency. Payments are made on a net fifteen basis.

Additionally, if you are an affiliate marketer, Adsterra provides a referral program that you can use to earn a little extra money. Since I am not using it in this article, none of my Adsterra links will be monetized. Consider writing your own review and using the referral link for your own gain. I believe their referral scheme offers 5% discount.

Possible Adsterra disadvantages

Now, I don't have a lot of difficulties with Adsterra, so a lot of what I've mentioned here is either potential issues some people might have, issues that others have, or just less than ideal information. found on their network.

First of all, the minimum payment for publishers is quite large in the business. To receive a payout via any payment method other than bank wire transfers, you must first earn $100. Bank wire transfers require a minimum payout of $1,000. This means that small sites can take a long time to reach the payout, so wire transfers are ineffective for the vast majority of sites. There is also a $50 fee for wires. A.1% commission is also charged on Bitcoin transactions. Small commissions may apply to other settlement systems, such as Paxum, which charge $1 per transaction.

Payments are made automatically after the payment limit is reached, or every 15 days, whichever comes first. This means that you will not be paid on a regular basis unless you consistently meet the minimum biweekly dividend payment. If you rely on this money to invest in the future, it can be somewhat unpredictable.

Adsterra is less than suitable for low volume posts due to traffic requirements, compensation threshold, and other considerations. It's not as restrictive as some high-end ad networks, which require millions of monthly visits, but it's not open to everyone, which makes it difficult to hire while still growing the site.

Unfortunately, most major modifications to ad implementation must go through the publisher's personal manager. Of course, you can add and remove their ad code as needed. The publisher control panel also allows you to manage basic information. However, you should check with your personal manager if you want to change the default frequency limit, block certain advertisers, or make other important changes to your account.

Adsterra customer service is generally good and responsive, however, they do not have a web help channel. However, you can use Skype with them, which serves the same purpose, so this is not a huge drawback. last thoughts

Adsterra is a good medium to high ad network in my opinion. Due to traffic requirements and payment restrictions, it is not the best solution for new or small publications. On the other hand, the performance of backlinks tends to diminish when your site reaches a size that makes your audience turn away from them.

I suggest that you use Adsterra in conjunction with at least one additional display ad network. Use Adsterra for their popups, and when they are no longer effective, remove them. Your site will eventually be able to sell ads directly at premium rates, and you will no longer need to use other ad networks, but until then, Adsterra is a viable option.

Have you tried Adsterra before? How do you think about it if that's the case? I am always interested in hearing other people's points of view.

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