Impact Radius Review & Pricing


Companies may consolidate their connections (such as managing influencers alongside traditional affiliates) on a single intelligent software platform with Impact by Radius (previously Impact Radius). Our review is unique in that it is based on real use of the affiliate software.

Impact Radius makes hiring, monitoring, and paying all of your partners a breeze. Coinbase, as well as well-known marketing automation Redbubble firms like Envato or TechSmith, are now leveraging the platform for affiliate management and partner programs.

Affiliate marketers provide brands with cutting-edge information and workflows for managing their websites, bloggers, and eCommerce partners. Influencer marketing companies can accurately price the true value each partner adds to a sale.

Some of the features of Impact by Radius are listed below:

Dynamic Payouts — contract management workflows that allow you to pay more for new customers, less for certain product categories, or establish a tiered payout system to motivate partners to boost traffic or recruit sub-affiliates.
Impact's marketplace allows organizations to discover and hire from over 800,000 potential partners, as well as see who is presently working with their competitors.
Migration Assistance - access to their team of professionals who can help you migrate affiliates from your current affiliate network to their partner platform.
Deeplinking is a Chrome add-on that allows you to produce a sponsored link from any page on the advertiser's site where you've joined up.
The Signup Process for Impact Radius Affiliates

This is the sign-up page for new affiliates. If they already have an account and are promoting other merchants on the site, they can simply click the ‘I already have an account button.
Companies can specify different terms for signup payments than transactional payments with Impact. They chose $0 payments for enrollment but 30% payments for any purchases with Envato

Affiliates can find various offers to advertise in the ‘Brands' part of their dashboard once they have signed up. A useful ‘New Brands' section lists well-known companies like Wealth Front and Lastpass, as well as a synopsis of their payment.

You may search and filter for companies in the marketplace by payout or 30 Day EPC. The payment indicates how much money you can make as an affiliate by marketing the company, which is either a percentage of sales or a flat sum. If you need more information, simply click on the brand line, and a pop-up box with additional information will display. The 30-day EPC (Earnings Per Click) is a success indicator that displays the average earnings made by all affiliates who promote.

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